5 of the Most Incredible Office Spaces You Could Ever Imagine

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September 14, 2016
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September 28, 2016
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Extraordinary companies have invested millions of dollars in building some of the most amazing campuses imaginable, offering their employees not only incredible perks but above and beyond what most would consider the comforts of home. What business owners have seen is that the productivity of their employees has increased exponentially. Here are five companies that have created some of the most incredible office spaces you could ever imagine.  

Google: Google is one of the best companies anyone could work for. Not only does Google pride itself in the dedication of its employees, but they have invested millions in creating a motivating, relaxing, fun work environment.  It is the perfect balance of business and pleasure. Google also has a rule that no matter where ever you are inside the campus, you will always find food within 100 meters. Their facility also has a fabulous restaurant where employees are served three times each day. Apart from that, there are plenty of ways to spend your free time. There is a library where you will find books on every topic under the sun. You can also try out different sports like basketball. They have gyms to make sure that their employees are always in perfect shape. Plus, the headquarters in California has a slide for employees to travel quickly and gloriously from one floor to the next.

Facebook: When it comes to cool office spaces, Facebook is right up there on the list. Facebook asks their employees what they want in their office campus, and they also listen to their advice. It has an open office style, which you will find in most leading companies nowadays. They have huge open spaces indoors where employees can socialize with each other. There is also a separate video game room. The campus is peaceful and green, so employees have an opportunity to feel at one with nature. In the Palo Alto campus, you will even find a skate park and a DJ Booth.

Microsoft: Microsoft has an enormous campus. Since there are so many divisions like Office and Windows, they have several buildings within the campus. The conference rooms are beyond extraordinary. Outside each conference room, you will find a screen that will show you whether the room is taken or not. There are also several coffee shops spread throughout the campus where employees can socialize. The parking deck is quite high-tech. There is a screen that shows you which floors are vacant so that you don’t waste any time.

Infosys: Infosys is an Indian IT company that is known for its huge, beautiful campuses. It has a training center in Mysore, India which is spectacular. Inside the campus, you will find a multiplex, where you can watch all the latest movies. Since it is a residential campus, all the employees are provided with rooms equipped with all the modern amenities. Since the campus is huge, there are thousands of bicycles available so that employees can travel quickly. Employees can even spend their downtime in the bowling alley.

Epic Campus: The Epic headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin is one of the most unique and exquisitely beautiful office spaces you will ever visit. A tree house acts as their primary meeting room. There is also a waterfall flowing under a bridge. They have an underground auditorium that can seat 11,000. You will even find a hallway which has been designed to look like a New York Subway.

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