Fun and Creative Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

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September 7, 2016
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Fun and Creative Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

Most employees prefer to be rewarded with pay increases and improved benefits. However, with the current state of our economy, this is not always possible for employers. Instead, employers are looking for fun and creative ways to show their employees that they appreciate them without necessarily breaking the bank.

Employee appreciation shouldn’t be reserved for just one special day a year.  Showing appreciation to employees should be a yearlong initiative for every company. Read on for some imaginative ways to show your employees how much you value their commitment to your organization.

It’s Party Time!

Hold a management-prepared potluck lunch for all employees. Ordering lunch is an excellent way to say thanks to employees, but if you want to make your event a little more special, have the management team serve the lunch. This will show them you went the extra mile. Make sure to include cards in front of each dish, so customers know what each dish is as some may have allergies. Hand out lunch gift packages to each employee. Package them in a meal or event cooler and include useful items such as a folding umbrella, travel mug or a photo frame.

Break Out The Sunscreen

Arrange an employee picnic at a local park. Schedule an early dismissal on a Friday in spring or summer and hold a picnic at a local park. Grill dinner for everyone and bring outdoor games such as volleyball and bocce for employees to play. Give each employee in attendance a camping chair with your company logo on it. They can use them at the event and take them home to use all year long.

Send Your Employees Ommm…

Promote a stress-free work environment with a relaxation break. Bring in a smoothie bar and a massage therapist and rotate employees for a half hour of relaxation time during their busy day. Hand out relaxation sets or stress balls to each employee with an invitation to their 30 minutes of stress relief.

Happy Birthday to You!

Another fun and creative way to show your employees you appreciate them is by celebrating their birthdays. Though it may appear childish, the truth of the matter is that workers will enjoy celebrating their birthdays regardless of their ages. Everyone likes to feel special at least one day a year! Alternatively, instead of holding birthday parties for the employees, you can choose to give them a day off.

And the Winner Is….

Implement an Employee of the Week program and recognize them in front of the team. Hold an impromptu gathering at the end of the day on Fridays to pull the team together and identify the employee to be honored. Give them a travel duffel or backpack and put their name in for a chance to win a weekend getaway.

Be creative in your employee events and make them as fun and stress-free as possible. Everyone loves to receive a gift, so make sure to include a small token of appreciation for their efforts. When you ensure that your employees are happy, it will lead to more productivity. By rewarding them, you maintain high office morale.

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