Get More Reviews for Your Business With These Tips

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January 4, 2018
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January 18, 2018

In this day and age, reviews are vital for any business. Before customers make an actual purchase, more than ninety percent of them go online and do research on business reviews about the product or service.

Online business reviews include reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp and other niche sites depending on the business in question.

Here are some tips to get more business reviews:


  • Have a work flow in place by assigning someone with the specific job to check and take care of reviews.
  • One must have a system in place to get consistent online reviews. Start by getting a few reviews every week, this will help build up a bank of them over time.
  • Create a bank of review links and have them handy to share so it becomes easy to spread the word about your business. These link to the pages where you want the customer to write the review and makes it easier for them to access.
  • Have a card, postcard, or visiting card to hand out when customers are leaving if the business is location-based. This must have the links, instructions and the request to leave an online review.
  • Create a review template email that is sent out to request a review, which can be reused by just adding a new name each time. This template must have the review links in it for easy access. Also have a follow up email template since most people don’t respond or leave a review the first time they are asked. Don’t forget to thank your customers when they do leave reviews.

Individualize Emails

Avoid sending mass email requests for business reviews; they must be always personalized. Do not send it to your entire database as a mass anonymous email blast at once with a generic subject line. Those don’t get very good results if any. By personalizing requests or at least the appearance of them being personalized the pressure on the receiver to actually leave a review is higher.


The process of leaving a review must be made easy for the consumer, so create review links where the customer can click and simply start writing a review. Give them simple step by step instruction on how to leave a review, they may need to create an account on the site before leaving a review, this must be simply explained.


The timing for the sending of a business review is very important, it must not be asked months after they have used the product. The best time to solicit a review is usually just after they have consumed the product, or the delivery of the service had been made.


Some people say giving an incentive to leave a review is good others differ in their opinion. It is against the terms of service in Goggle to incentivize a user to leave a review; they may censor your reviews or in extreme case even close your page if you are caught. In some cases customers get turned off when given an incentive so tread carefully while offering it.

Whatever the nature of the business, attention must be paid by the business owner in respect to their online reviews as they are the core of a strong local marketing plan.

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