Guidelines for Efficient Employee HR Practices

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August 31, 2016
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September 14, 2016

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Human resource mistakes can have a significant impact on a business’s profits. Unfortunately, the majority of small businesses often make plenty of blunders when it comes to human resources, thereby finding it difficult to grow and expand successfully. Perhaps that could explain why only 50% of startups make it through to their fifth anniversary.

Many times when people open small businesses and those businesses begin to grow; they don’t take into consideration in advance, the things that will affect their businesses in the long-run. To increase business survivability, experts recommend the following guidelines;

Don’t Put Off Hiring Good Talent

Small business owners usually carry out hiring in the wrong manner. For instance, they may interview one candidate today, the next candidate tomorrow followed by the final candidate on a subsequent day. Then they may hold on until the following week to go through resumes and even longer to make a hiring call.

The economy is gradually recovering as is the labor market, which means more jobs are becoming available on a daily basis. Those who are seeking employment may be weighing other job offers while waiting to hear from you.

Rather than drawing out the hiring process, small businesses should interview all candidates for a given position on the same day and if possible evaluate them and then make a hiring decision not long afterward.

The human resources department is all about working fast and smart. Small businesses can gain the upper hand over big companies by hiring good talent fast, outmaneuvering slower, bigger corporations.

Employee Evaluations

Many small businesses make the terrible mistake of hiring and firing based on instinct rather than complex thought. And this can have serious consequences. For instance, employees fired without a reasonable cause may sue for having been fired unjustifiably. To avoid such trouble, you could create a list of job expectations alongside a performance contract to use for fair and effective employee evaluation.

Employee Handbook

Failure to have your employees bound by a written attendance policy can cost your business a lot of money. Maybe you have an unwritten policy not to settle unused vacation time, but what if you get sued by a disgruntled employee who has resigned and wants to be paid for having forgone their vacation? You may be obliged to provide compensation simply due to lack of an employee handbook that would prove you have a written agreement not to provide compensation for unused vacation. Make sure the document includes workplace policies that are understandable, fair and consistent.

Onboarding Your New Employees Promptly

Effectively integrate your new employees into your business and familiarize them with the brand as soon as possible. This way, you will be able to save time and grab all the business opportunities that may present themselves after the hiring process is concluded. Onboarding your new staff promptly is a crucial step to take when it comes to growing your brand fast by avoiding human resources blunders.

Employee Motivation

A company with motivated employees will always grow and expand faster. Even though you still have a limited cash flow, don’t deny your employees a decent salary plus allowances. You could also set performance goals and award employees who meet them. Another secret is giving on-the-spot feedback (verbal or non-verbal) to your hardworking staff. Positive reinforcement can work miracles as far as employee motivation is concerned.

These are just a few tips on how to grow and expand your small business fast by avoiding common human resources mistakes. When you expedite your hiring process, draft an attendance policy, onboard your new employees fast and motivate your staff, your company will grow by leaps and bounds in no time.

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