Oddest Small Business Product Trends That Are Hitting It Big

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February 1, 2018
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Have an idea or invention you think is too crazy? Well, maybe it is, but, with so many weird and ‘out of the world’ ideas coming up every other day, you might be forgiven for thinking yours is weirder. If you’re not yet convinced, sample this list of small business product trends that are hitting it big today.

The Air Umbrella

Yes, you read it right! The umbrella is made of air. It uses the technique of pushing streams of air upwards to repel water droplets. The product is not out yet, but it’s in the final stages of production.

A Car Controlled By Brain Signals 

This futuristic car is controlled by the signals coming from a person’s brain. So far, the car can only be mind-controlled to move in a straight line. Its makers hope to introduce complex maneuvers in the future.

A Toaster That Makes a Picture of You 

Fancy having a photo of yourself on your toast? This picture toaster allows you to do just that, adding a taste to your breakfast. It creates a photo of you on your toast.

A Massager For Your Eyes 

Forget about the normal body massagers; this one lets you massage your eyes and comes in the form of a wearable device.

A Tea Kettle Controlled Through WIFI 

The kettle connects via WIFI to your smartphone so you can operate it remotely. No more need to work up the coffee and tea maker manually.

Electronic Shoes That Help You To Walk In a Faster Way

They’re not shoes but a sort of under shoes that you wear underneath your normal shoes, much like skates. They help to quicken your pace.

A Bun You Just Clip On 

Don’t have the time or patience to wait for your man bun to grow? This clip-on man bun looks no different from a real one. Just stick it on and off you go.

A 3D Printer That Prints Pancakes 

The machine prints your pancakes in 3D after filling it with the pancake mixture and choosing the design you want. Your breakfast is sure never to bore you with this exciting pancake printer.

Leather-like Material Made From Fruit 

This strange innovation makes use of fruit to make a material that resembles leather. It’s expected to be popular with people opposed to animal cruelty.

The Hoverboard

The hoverboard that seemed like science fiction some years back is finally here for you to own. The current design may not look that fanciful, but the hoverboard is taking the world by storm.

A Work Station That You Can Adjust 

It’s a workstation that you can adjust to your preferred position. The weird thing about the Altwork Station is that you can have your computer monitor above you and work while lying down on your back. Such a cool innovation.

Greeting Cards in The Form of a Potato

Weird as it may seem, this service allows you to send potatoes to your friends or family with greeting messages written on them.

Bugs That Teach Coding 

The bugs are in the form of robots that teach kids coding skills. No more sitting long hours teaching the little boys and girls how to code.

A Shield For The Mustache 

The shield essentially protects your mustache from being spoiled by food or drink. The product was developed recently and is already on the market.

Protein Bars Made From Cricket Flour

Yes, that’s right, cricket flour. These tasty and nutritious protein bars are made from dried and ground crickets. Crickets are among the best sources of proteins. The bars would come in handy when you’re traveling.

Chocolate You Can Inhale 

With so many people concerned about putting on weight, this invention could be just what they need. Instead of eating chocolate, you inhale its flavor. The product is capable of producing the flavors of other calorie-laden foods.

A Hoodie That Produces Music or The ‘Musical Hood’ 

It’s just as its name suggests; a hoodie that lets you create musical sounds while still wearing it. The hoodie contains panels capable of making different sounds.

Any idea that makes life better for humans often finds a place in the hearts of many people. It doesn’t matter how strange the idea appears to be, it still stands a chance of becoming popular the world over.

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