Productivity Tips From the Pros

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Increasing productivity can help businesses expand, incomes skyrocket and even help the workload to reduce. Here is a list of four productivity tips followed by the pros that can help boost your productivity in the workplace.

Prioritize the Work to be Done

When one breaks down what needs to be done in the day, mostly there are one or maybe even two tasks for the day that are crucial for a business to move forward. There may be many other tasks to be done but there are usually those one or two that are most important. Most people procrastinate with these tasks since they may need more effort and research to be done appropriately. People usually dilly dally and do other small things with the intent of doing these tasks later, if they get to them. This obviously slows business. Make sure to get to and tackle the most important or biggest task of the day first. This sets the tone for a productive day and helps speed up business.

Make Use of Time-Blocking as a Technique

Create a to-do list, and allocate time to each task, this is called time-blocking. This is powerful but a simple tool to push yourself to actually do what you put on your list. Make use of an online or an actual physical calendar, whatever suits you. When you are in a certain time block then make sure you do not get distracted and keep to the task at hand allocated for that time slot. That could mean switching off your cell phone, not checking emails and logging of other things such as social media accounts for that time slot and just getting the task done.

Multitask Very Carefully

Whatever people may say about the subject, multitasking hardly ever works. Multitasking just makes you complete the tasks at hand less effectively and massively reduces productivity. The brain switches between tasks and a lot of time is lost in the process. Just concentrate on the task at hand and try and keep multitasking to the bare minimum. Be totally present in the moment and focus on the task at hand only. This may take some amount of training and practice but will help you in the long run. The exception to this rule is the task of listening to audiobooks, along with doing other work, like driving, cooking or even working out at the gym since this can expand the knowledge base and not disturb the task at hand.

Make Sure You Use the Power of Processes

Take a moment to look at everything as a process or a system. Look at it as something that can be broken down, repeated, document and even outsourced. By setting up systems and process for a task you can reduce the time spent in doing a task that may need to be done repeatedly or even outsource the work with ease. When processes are in place tasks are done more efficiently.

Increasing productivity by following the above tips can make your work life a breeze and help you do more with your time.

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