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You can have a lot of fun planning for the annual employee holiday party if you go about it the right way. Just like any other event planning activity, your main focus should be on the guests. The event will be considered a success if your guests enjoy themselves, irrespective of any details that may be unintentionally overlooked. When it comes to holiday parties, people just want to enjoy themselves- so all the planner needs to do is to maintain a positive atmosphere.

Here is a list of ideas that will help to ensure that your event is a roaring success:

Who is the Santa?

This is an easy game that a lot of people will enjoy. Secretly request one of your colleagues to put on the Santa suit. As you are introducing the event, ask the Santa to come in and make a short announcement or present gifts. When the Santa is on the stage, ask the guests to guess who the Santa is. Those who get it right can get a reward, and there will be a lot of funny responses too.

Raffling Off Prizes

This is another great idea for different sizes of groups. Gift certificates and additional vacation days are always popular with people. When it comes to giving prizes, you can do it directly or create a game. For example, have people guess the number of candy canes in a jar.

Have an International Christmas Menu

Liven up your catering options by including an international menu. Asian, Mexican and Italian dishes are always popular but do not ignore Christmas fare from countries such as Sweden, Philippines, and Finland.

Include Gifts for Deserving Causes

Naturally, the holiday season is a time for giving, and a lot of companies incorporate charitable activities into their community engagement projects.

The holiday work party is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for the efforts during the year and also to set aside a special gift for a deserving cause. For instance, if your firm provides sponsorship to a children’s organization, you can request a few kids to appear and sing Christmas carols during the event and then have lunch. Alternatively, you can sponsor a family and find volunteers to buy one or more items from a provided wish list.

Opt for Carry-In Desserts

Unlike potlucks, which can be chaotic, a table with home-made dessert usually turns out well for everybody. You may add a few tweaks like having the attendees register in order to make sure that there will be sufficient variety. Another method of stimulating enthusiasm is to include nomination forms for a contest to decide the best dessert.

Surprise the Attendees With Celebrity Appearances

If you can afford it, a surefire way of raising the spirit of the attendees is to have a celebrity appearing at the event. A brief 15-minute performance by a musician or comedian will work up the crowd without ruffling the feathers of those who are uninterested. It can also be fun to get other celebrities like athletes and actors but ensure their engagement with the audience is properly managed. Not many guests will be enthused about listening to 45-minute speech.

Gag Gifting Works Best

It is simpler and more practical to include funny gifts, as opposed to conventional presents when dealing with many different personalities. Favorite gag-gifting ideas include organizing for a mystery raffle where most of the wrapped gifts are almost useless or looking for the worst gift that costs less than 5 dollars. But try to keep everything clean or you will have to visit the human resources office the following Monday!

In conclusion, remember that the greatest ideas for holiday employee parties are the ones that bring a smile to people’s faces or even better, make them crack up. In addition, you don’t have to have a limitless budget to organize a successful holiday party. Fire up your creative juices and do not hesitate to request your colleagues help. You will be surprised at how much can be achieved with just a little creativity.

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