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January 25, 2018
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As time goes on, laws get amended and things change. This calls for businesses to review documents that guide them like HR policies, forms, and any other standard information that may be affected. Small businesses have an equal obligation to review their important documents so that they can comply with the laws of their respective state. The documents below are the most important in this case.

Application Forms
All application forms are required to conform to the laws of your state. The areas of interest include the information an employer can gather from the potential employees during the recruitment process. If your state is among the four that bars employers from asking about the previous remuneration details, then your forms should omit this. Some other states do not allow employers to ask for the criminal records of the applicant. Make sure that your forms comply with the laws of your state.

W-4 Forms
In December 2017, the federal tax laws reviewed its policies including tax brackets and deductions. As much as these changes should apply this year, the employers will have to wait for the revised IRS forms, which are yet to be released. It is after this that the employees will have to fill a new W-4 form. For now, businesses need to stay on standby and continue using the old tax laws but it will be up to you to make the changes when they are required.

Sexual Harassment Policies
Sexual harassment at workplace is protected by law as indicated on the relevant policies in many states. Further, employers must make such policies known to employees by supplying them with copies of the company policy. These policies should be reviewed annually by the employer in compliance with the laws of the state. As much as some states may not have a legal requirement for such a document, the employer should have in-house policies protecting their employees against sexual harassment. Let your small business clearly define what constitutes sexual harassment and the protection the staff will have given your no-tolerance policy.

Leave Policies
States may have differing amendments regarding the leave rights for an employee. Rather than your small business making their own leave policies, it is crucial to follow the laws of the state. For instance, almost all states have recently reviewed the sick and family leave with requirements of what employers should pay to the employees. Additionally, such amendments also touch on the entitlement of leave for each category of employee. In the absence of such policies in your state, it is still recommended that your small business outline detailed policies and amend them annually in order to clarify these policies and omit any chance of confusion.

Pregnancy Accommodation Policies
Almost all states have guidelines regarding leave for pregnancies or other major medical issues.  Any business that lies within the pregnancy accommodation laws compliance has no choice but to follow them. They need to prepare written policies, make them known to the employees and amend them when need be. Check if your small business is required to have such a policy and amend as necessary. Even if these policies are not required by law, it is always a good idea to have one in place to show your employees that you understand their personal needs and are willing to work with them appropriately in these cases.

Minimum Wage Posters
Minimum wage amounts are something that should be clearly posted in your workplace so employees know they are being paid fairly. The new minimum wages laws went into effect at the beginning of this year. Employers are required to publish and post such a poster at the workplace for all employees to see. Be sure to conform to this standard and keep your posters updated as information changes.

As an employer, it is in the best interest of your business that you comply with these laws as set by your state and keep the documents as updated as possible. Most of the changes can be done at the beginning of the year when most changes take effect. You can schedule a time to review your company’s important documents before the first of the year to ensure the new versions are ready to go in time.

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