Southern California small business medical insurance

December 10, 2015

Office Wellness Program’s Can Save Your Business How Much?

At Mercado Insurance Services, one of the premier Southern California small business medical insurance agencies, we are always looking for ways that you can save your […]
July 14, 2016
health insurance

Why You Need Small Business Health Insurance

As compared to businesses with over 50 employees, the Affordable Care Act does not require small businesses to provide their employees with health insurance. However, to […]
August 18, 2016

“You’re Fired”: The Tactful Way to Let an Employee Go

There is nothing more difficult than relieving an employee of their duties. However, there comes a time when it is the only option. As a manager, […]
September 28, 2016

Top 10 Interview Questions You Should Avoid Asking Applicants

Interviewing candidates is important. It helps the interviewer get the information needed to choose the best candidate for the job. However, few interviewers are trained to conduct […]